DML Library

These are projects which we have completed over the years which are either no longer available or were never released. Bach For Guitar and Nothing But Love are deleted recordings. Mandeville Place was an album intended for the American Smooth Jazz market though never released at the time it is now available for download. If This Be Love was arranged and directed by Sylvia Syms and Jonathan Willis but never fully completed. The Hans Andersen Fairy Tales were made as a companion to the Oscar Wilde stories but did not get their music written. DML owns and looks after the recordings and they await their future moment. The good news is that we have now begun an extensive download release program which in time should see all of this material available. The first project is The Art Of The Spanish Guitar compiling the classical and flamenco recordings of Simon James and including new tracks. This should be available in July 2013.

You are listening to Man Of Morals from Mandeville Place by Steve Baker and featuring Mark Lockheart on saxes and Simon James on guitars

Here is a list of recordings for which we hold the copyright and which can be licensed from us. Some of these may be re-issued on CD in the future and some have yet to be recorded to the standard we require for commercial use but for the minute here they are for information and interest. If you have an enquiry of any kind get in touch with us.

  1.  Daybreak Classical and Flamenco guitar from Simon James, various composers
  2.  Bach For Guitar played by Simon James
  3.  Nothing But Love Songs from Thomas Morley’s 1st Book of Ayres and original settings of Shakespeare’s songs: Counter Tenor, Guitar and Cello
  4.  Mandeville Place Sax and Guitar led Smooth Jazz
  5.  Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales
  6.  Poetry from Sylvia Syms recitals
  7.  Almaraya here are the details of all the original material created for this project