No 15 Recitative

Gertrude ‘I wanted to ask you - but I don't know how . . . . Are the children of a blind woman always born blind?’
Pastor- ' No, there is no reason why they should be. . . . . Gertrude, to have children one must be married. '
G- '  Don't tell me that, I know it is not true. '
P- ' I have told you what it was proper for me to tell you. But it is true, the laws of nature do allow what is forbidden by the laws of God and man. '
G- ' You have often told me that the laws of God were also laws of love. '
P- ' But such love as that is not the same as goes by the name of Charity. '
G- ' Is it out of Charity you love me? '
P- ' No, my Gertrude, it is not. '
G- ' Then you admit our love is outside the laws of God? '
P- ' What do you mean? '
G- ' Oh, you know well enough, and I ought not to be the one to say so. '
P- ' You think your love wrong? '
G- ' Our love . . . .  I tell myself I ought to think so. '
P- ' And then . . . . ? ' ( he has become progressively supplicating awaiting the word of damnation or of salvation. )
G- ' But that I cannot stop loving you. '

No 15 (final part) Duet

  Such happiness as I may know
  I feel is based on fear
G-  of all the things you did not show
P-      of all the things I did not show
  I know dark currents flow here,
G-  where you leave my words in silence.
P-      where I leave your words in silence.

  That absence which is never filled
  the part that's never shared,
  and into which my thoughts fly, stilled,
  as I reach out to touch the core of my despair.
  The heart of all my care.

He takes her in his arms in a close embrace, as she raises her head to his their lips meet and they kiss.

P-  I spoke to Doctor Martins. He says your sight can be restored.

Fade to black.