No 1 (The Pastor)

The Snow fell yesterday,
I could not leave the house.
Drifts are all around me
the doors are seal'd with ice.

Memories - how I found you -
that lake, the evening sky
inset in gold against the nightfall,
a thread of smoke that caught my eye.

Did you dream there by the fire
frozen in your blindness?
Did you wait, seal'd by your darkness for release?
Did you feel a change was coming?
Did you sense my heart's revealing its one weakness?
As you sat there unaware of all your grief.

A journey like a dream,
a  road I'd never seen.
A child's hand in the darkness,
the atmosphere unreal.

Rising the Pastor moves from the interior of his study to the interior of a cottage

Memories - how I found you -
the bed beside the fire;
cold to my touch I closed her eyes
then saw you sleeping unaware. The scene continues with the discovery of Gertrude huddled by the fire while her Aunt’s body lies stretched out on the kitchen table awaiting removal.

Scene 7

Morning, Amelie is seated at the table sewing , enter Pastor.

Amelie - “ You're back very quickly from your walk this morning; where is Gertrude? “
Pastor - “ I left her at the chapel. After her reaction to the concert yesterday I thought she might like to try her hand at the harmonium. “
A - “ And  .........? “
P - “ I seated her at the keyboard and tried to show her how to play. I'm afraid she realised very quickly that despite my love of music I do not know much about playing it. “
A - “ Ah  unsurprised......was it wise to leave her on her own? “
P - “ Oh I'm sure she will be alright. The chapel is nearby and anyway I left at her request. “
A - “ I am surprised Gertrude was so forthright. “
P - “ Her exact words were ‘ You had better leave me to it, I had rather try by myself. ‘ “
A - very dryly “ It seems the fledgling learns to fly, but will she leave the nest? “
P - immediately protective “ It is much too soon to consider such things, there is still a great deal she has to learn. Talking of which there is something I wanted to discuss with you. “
A - resigned “  What is that my dear? “
P - “ Amelie, what you said last night was unfair to Gertrude and cruel to have said it within earshot. “
A - “ I am sorry if it upset her; she does not need to be so sensitive. “
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